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Towards a New Life

I have now spent four months with Tata-Dhan Academy. During this time, I got a number of opportunities to learn new things in formal classes as well as in “informal” classes. This is the first time I learned a new way of study. The curriculum of the Academy has given me many opportunities to learn from every second that I am spending here.

There were a number of subjects in my first term. From the very first day, every faculty told us that every subject is interrelated and we can relate one subject from other for instance BOD (Basics of development) to LH (Livelihood) and livelihood to SEED (Social environment, change and its effect on development). Here, I have named only three subjects, but the remaining subjects are similarly interrelated.

I like the differing pedagogy of every subject. Now, having completed my first term at the Academy, I am able to say that Academy has a unique method to induct and groom young graduates like me. The development sector is really a challenging sector. All faculties have a unique method to feel the pulse of students, and according to that, the faculty provides opportunities to enhance my knowledge. We often have to study in groups, and I have found that groups are very helpful to get more knowledge within a short period of time. I am from a mathematics background, so it was not easy for me to understand all subjects, but the faculty as well as my classmates have helped me to learn all I needed to during the classroom sessions.

Now, I have successfully completed the first term of the PDM (Programme in Development Management). The last part of the first term is a one-month fieldwork segment. This fieldwork segment gave me the development perspective to work for marginalized sections of society. Before the first fieldwork segment, all of my knowledge application was virtual; now, I am able to start to apply what I have learned in the classroom to the field in a very scientific and systematic manner. I also now have a much better understanding of the field and people.


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