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Festival of Colours, Holi: A Message of Love, Unity and Equality

I had celebrated Holi in my home town Kanpur with my family, relatives and friends. Generally I enjoyed with my friends one this particular day. After celebration I forgot everything because it is only a celebration for me. This year I got a chance to celebrate this auspicious occasion in Tata-Dhan Academy.
We all student (PDM 11 and 10) planned to celebrate this festival with our academy people including some village people who are working in academy. We planned to organise with our faculty and hostel warden.
On Friday dated March 18, 2011 we started our preparation because we wanted to prepare some special cultural dishes of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Before Saturday we prepare Ghujihya and Dhahi Bada. on morning March 19, 2011 at 6:30 we all students came outside and wished Holi to each other. After wishing process I amazed to see the dump full of water. Our senior had made this dump to play Holi. Read the rest of this entry »


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