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Festival of Colours, Holi: A Message of Love, Unity and Equality

I had celebrated Holi in my home town Kanpur with my family, relatives and friends. Generally I enjoyed with my friends one this particular day. After celebration I forgot everything because it is only a celebration for me. This year I got a chance to celebrate this auspicious occasion in Tata-Dhan Academy.
We all student (PDM 11 and 10) planned to celebrate this festival with our academy people including some village people who are working in academy. We planned to organise with our faculty and hostel warden.
On Friday dated March 18, 2011 we started our preparation because we wanted to prepare some special cultural dishes of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Before Saturday we prepare Ghujihya and Dhahi Bada. on morning March 19, 2011 at 6:30 we all students came outside and wished Holi to each other. After wishing process I amazed to see the dump full of water. Our senior had made this dump to play Holi. I have heard about different types of Holi celebration in different parts of country but today I saw how people celebrate Holi with water, soil and colours. First all students were forcely put in the muddy water. it was very exciting to see them in muddy water. I was not able to recognise the face because all were having same reddish soil colour. When all students played Holi with muddy water, they danced on Holi songs. It seemed like they all were on seventh heaven. All students were dancing and at the same time one of them came with colours. Now again they play with colours. They apply red, blue and green colour to each other face. Some of them were saying, NO, No, No but nobody was able to escape from the colours. Our Mess member, Ganesh was also the part of our celebration. Every person enjoyed and danced without any discrepancies. I felt that Holi every person is equal because colours gave us opportunity to be in the colour of love, affection and enjoyment. We forget every discrepancy in the colour of Holi.
Now we went to mess to prepare our ethnic lunch. I had prepared the lunch and dinner in my house but I did not have the feeling like being the part of this ethnic lunch. It was very exciting, we all student got a chance to show our talent in cooking. I would cook paneer in my house so I decided to prepare this dish. Pashupati and I prepared Shahi Paneer. We all students prepare various dishes and I personally felt that every student had some unique quality in cooking too. Some students gave idea and other did the value addition to dishes. At afternoon 2o’ clock people from universities and our faculty came for lunch. All faculty and guests wished us Happy Holi.Ghujhiya, Dhahi Bada and Mal Pua were the special attraction for our ethnic lunch. Every person was asking about the dishes and all people applauded our ethnic lunch. Students were present near the dish to tell the people about because it were the new for the people. We all were very happy because everybody liked the lunch.
At evening 4:30 we started our cultural program to make people understand the essence of festival Holi. In Tamil Nadu people do not celebrate Holi so we organised an one hour program. We invited some of the villages, guests, faculty and all staff of academy. we started our program with a documentary which told the historical aspect of Holi. This cartoon film depicts the story of Holika Dhahan and fourth incarnation of God Vishnu. We presented a skit based on the practical aspect of Holi. Our skit told the importance of Holi in present scenario. With the help of this skit we showed that we all Indians are equal. Every part of our country have equal importance. Holi is a festival of rich and poor, fair and black, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian. As a part of this skit we invited all members to fill the colour in the map of India so that no part of india will be uncoloured and undeveloped. As a development professional we wanted to see our each part of our country developed and prosperous. We all coloured our India and this activity gives us a message we should not celebrate the festival unless every person wiil be able to celebrate the festival like us. There are many people in our country who are not able to get the food in a day. Their economic condition did not allow them to celebrate or enjoy. We should always keep in mind these poor people. In this way we gave a new perspective to celebrate the colour of Holi.
After this activity a student of PDM 11, Yogesh tell a mythical story of Lord Krishna and Radha why we used colours in the auspicious occasion of Holi and why not on other occasion of festival like Diwali, Rakshabandhan and Durga Puja. He told,” Krishna was black in colour and Radha was fair so every time Krishna would ask her mother why I am black. Krishna’s mother Yasoda replied that in the occasion of Holi you can put black colour on Radha face so she will be like your colour. From this day people used colour on the occasion of Holi. After this story we showed the pictures of some of the famous Holi of various state like Mathura, Dwarika, Punjab and how we all students celebrate the Holi in morning. Our managing director Mrs. A. Umarani and facuty Laxmi translated the film and story in Tamil language for the villagers. Village people were very excited to participate in our celebration and we place colour to everybody face.
Before our last activity we request to Mrs. A. Umarani to give her blessing on this occasion and to share her experience. She said,” I am very happy because it is the first time we got an opportunity to know and understand the essence of Holi. It is a well organised program to make us understand, before your batch students had celebrate themselves but we did not get the information like you all have given in a well planned manner. At last she wished again happy Holi. After this we requested to the villagers to share their experience about Holi. Some of the women share their experience and told that they enjoy today very much.
I gave vote of thanks from all students to all guests, faculty and mess member for being a part of our celebration. Really at every moment of our preparation our mess members were with us. Before our last activity yogesh gave thanks to everyperson who participate in our program and we move towards our last activity.
We have arranged two Matkas and we requested to Ananda to take initiative for this activity. Ananda took initiative, we put cloth on the eyes of Ananda and make him walk round the gallery and afterwards we ask him to break the matka. It was very interesting game and all participant enjoyed this game. Finally Ananda broke the Matka and Gulal came outside from the matka. Ananda smiled and said,” It was very easy.” We call another volunteer to take this challenge. One of the members of our Alumni came forward and participates in this game.
Every person said that they all enjoyed and again before the end of our program we wished happy Holi to each other. After 10 minutes managing director of DHAN Foundation came to wish us Holi. We told them about our programme and he appreciated all of us and especially for the colouring the map of India activity.
These all activity and cultural programme was a great experience for me. First time I got an opportunity to celebrate the festival of colours Holi with development perspective. We all understand that this festival is not for one day enjoyment and celebration; it gives a message of love, unity and equality.


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