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Visualizing Organizing Community

Now I have spent enough time in Tata-Dhan Academy, term 1, term 2 and classroom section of term 3 also. Term 3 focuses on building people’s organisation for development and I am going to organise people as part of Development Practice Segment 1 (DPS 1) in Fatehpur Gaya district of Bihar. I have chosen microfinance theme as a part of my DPS 1. Ten week time has been allocated to complete DPS. I have also prepared tentative schedule of ten weeks to do all activities effectively. These ten weeks are challenging indeed because first time I am going to organise people. I like this segment of my course because I have opportunity to apply my classroom knowledge and do some practical with methods and tools to see with method or tool works more effectively. After this segment I will be confident enough to see myself as a development professional.

In term 3 Building People’s Organisation for Development (BUD) is directly emphasis on organising community having 1.5 credits. Apart from classroom section, there are two lab which focuses on how to organise community for long term in sustainable manner. Shanthi mam is course teacher of BUD; she has outstanding quality in organising community. This time she took students to various Self Help Groups (SHGs) to demonstrate how to do screening, evolution of bye law, goal setting exercise, Cluster Development Meeting, Padyatra, self-regulation exercise in Self Help Group. After BUD lab, I am confident enough to form groups.


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