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Effort Never Goes Waste; My Experience of MODE class as a facilitator

By Shanti Gupta

Tata-Dhan Academy which has given me identity of development missionary has provided a platform to experiment and share various roles in academy and outside academy. The experience which I am sharing is an awesome experience for me. There is a one credit course (28 session) called Marketing of Development Concept and Programmes(MODE). MODE is offered in term 3 and term 4, 14 sessions each term. Mr. M.P. Vasimalai is our faculty for this course. In term 3 Vasi sir used to teach students but in term 4 he would give chance to students to facilitate the class. Before every class Vasi sir would guide students to prepare teaching note. He assists students for handling the session.
For this class I have also chosen one topic which was on concept development. Three classes were dedicated to this concept development class so one of my colleague Yogesh has also chosen facilitation of this class.
There was no reading material so we (me and Yogesh) worked hard to select appropriate reading material. We select resource talk, case , teaching note and session handling schedule. We both facilitate the class since 9:30 to 1:15 afternoon. I was thinking 3 sessions is a difficult task but I did not feel how time passed very easily. After the class my classmates gave feedback. All collegue said,” We enjoyed the session and really it was lively.” Vasi sir said,” Today, I am highly satisfied. You both have done a good job.”
I also learn how to facilitate class in a interactive manner. Indeed, I have read many articles to select which is the best. Effort never goes waste. I am really very happy. Hope in future I will again get opportunity to facilitate class.


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One Response

  1. Shanti Gupta says:

    Now, again I will get opportunity to facilitate the class for Motivation, Value and Ethics (MOVE) class.

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