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I Hate Ugly Tables…

By Shanti Gupta

I have completed my Development Practice Segment 2 project which is Development of Management Information System (MIS) system for five extension centres run by Charutar Arogya Mandal in Anand (Gujarat). Today I was writing my report of DPS 2, suddenly I remembered January 2011. Last year I came back on January 1 from my first field work and I had hard time in writing my first field work report. This was first time I need to write approximately 10,000 words. It took me 15 days to write 8,200 words with no proof reading. I submitted my report at 7:00 p.m. even without my name and title on cover page. I have simply inserted cover page and left as it is. When Ananda saw my report I felt very shy but I was not able to do a work like professional. You know, this was the mistakes of cover page only. In my first field work report I have drawn some tables with default colours. I was thinking my tables are looking very beautiful but when Ananda read my report I got comment,” I hate ugly tables.” Truly speaking that time I was not having idea about beautiful and ugly tables but today I know which table is called beautiful and which is ugly table. I can feel the positive change in my professionalism.


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