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In  Programme in Development Management  (PDM ) , Tata-Dhan Academy offers a one credit course MODE half in term 3 and half in term 4. In Tata-Dhan Academy  this is one of the challenging course because of  two reasons, (1) Vasi sir is faculty,(2) student facilitates the class in term 4. This facilitation is not for name sake, really students need to gone through the preparation before coming to class. I also though that it is going to be hard time for me also but I really enjoy the preparation part and after preparation the facilitation process in class. I really got skill to facilitate the class.

I have chosen topic ‘ How to write concept note’ and really I worked hard to find out the best materials for students and other materials (small cases)  to enhance the learning process in class. Here I am sharing the process which I have gone through for effective facilitation in class.  I prepared all documents under the  guidance of my course faculty Vasi sir. Before going to the class a facilitator should prepare, (1) lesson plan for class, (2) teaching note for students and (3) resource materials. 

Lesson plan is the document which tells about the sequence of activities which facilitator is going to done in a specific class. Teaching note is a kind of document which tells about the importance of class and application of the lesson from specific class. Resource materials are reading materials which a facilitator want to give students for preparation before attending the session. 

Here is lesson plan prepared by me and my colleague, Yogesh Bhatt because we both were responsible for this facilitation part.

Lesson Plan for Developing a Concept Paper

Imagine yourself that you are a head of a funding agency or a fast developing organization or a senior officer in government department. You are always engaged in many activities and number of projects. At the time you want to start a new project or you want to review any ongoing project. You demanded present status of the project; what you will except form your subordinates? Should they come with a 55-60 page report with 1-12 page data or 100+ slide presentations? Will it save your time; or your expectation is a short but comprehension writing format not more than 8-10 pages. In last recent years different agencies, organizations, and government departments have begun to encourage the use of a summary of project for knowing the crux of ideas and projects prior to presenting a full proposal or report. At times it is also used for screening of the ideas and for choosing the best ideas. This preparation or sharing of idea in a summarized form is known as Concept Paper.

Concept paper required prior to the submission of a full proposal for review. Organizations and authority demands the concept paper for guide the applicants to develop more competitive proposals and to save time by erasing extra information. The applicant’s purpose for preparing a concept note is to attract the authority and demonstrate that his/her suggestive idea is deserves for further consideration. Therefore, the content of a concept paper is very important. As an applicant you want the attention of authority or organization to continue reading.

Today we are going to focus on ‘Concept of Concept Note’. The objectives of next three sessions is following-

  1. Foster the knowledge on concept paper
  2. Build a set of skills to develop a convincing concept note. The set of skill consist the drafting of a concept note, develop writing skills, improve presentation skills, and enhance the logical and analytical ability.
  3. Orientate a right attitude to concept writing.

Resource materials

Three sets of resource material is using for three sessions.

  1. Learning note about concept note
  2. Reading material ( already circulated to the students)
  3. Individual concept notes prepared by students and two cases on concept note for class room discussion.

Time scheduling

Module 1-   Resource Talk              20 minutes (9.20- 9.40)

Module 2-   Case practice               50 Minutes (9.40-10.30)

Module 3-   Peer Review                45 Minutes (10.30-11.15)

            Tea Break (15 Minutes)

Module4-    Group review               40 Minutes (11.30-12.10)

Module 5-   Over view                    45 Minutes (12.10-12.55)

           Feedback                         10 Minutes (12.55-1.05)    

Suggestive Reading

(Already distributed among the students)

Feedback Format

  1. Did the lecture was able to meet the sessions’ objectives?     Yes/No
  2. Did you enjoy the whole process and facilitation?       Yes/No
  3. How much you will rate to facilitation and content delivered in 10 rating scale?    ……. , …….
  4. List out your learning from today sessions-
  1. Suggestions for improve the sessions to make more effective and also for better facilitation to the facilitators-

Facilitators- Shanti Gupta & Yogesh Bhatt

                               PDM XI

                                                  Tata-Dhan Academy


Teaching Note

A concept note is a brief summary of a project. A concept note (or a concept paper, as some people call it) is a short version of a project proposal. A concept note for submission to a donor, government and in organization itself is ideally between 3 to 7 pages long. There are many names for instance letter of interest, idea note and pitching f idea. A concept is generally written when you are requesting for funds to fund your projects. A concept note is generally prepared when:

  1. You are submitting a sole source proposal.
  2. You want to know the interest of the donor in the project.
  3. Your ideas are at a preliminary stage.

Why we need to write concept note?

  1. To foster innovation
  2. To communicate new idea to other people
  3. To get feedback from all stakeholders
  4. To provide shared understanding among colleagues of an organisation
  5. Program review for continuous improvement
  6. For getting fund from funding agency and government

What are types of concept note?

  1. Different stakeholders
  2. For policy advocacy
  3. For market and conversion  linkage
  4. For research study
  5. New initiative within organisation

How to write creatively concept note?

  1. Brief and substantial content
  2. Good writing which attract the readers
  3. Good presentation skill

What are the processes of making good concept paper?

  1. Literature review
  2. Brainstorming session
  3. Peer and group review
  4. Preparing draft
  5. Expert advice
  6. Critical analysis for final draft

How to evaluate a concept paper?

  1. Significance of issue or problem
  2. Extent of benefit from project to people
  3. Content of concept paper and its relevance
  4. Appropriate budget
  5. Weightage for different component

Five principles for decision making of good concept note.

  1. Significance: What is the importance of the project?
  2. Approach: is the methodology sound good?
  3. Innovation: is there anything new?
  4. Investigator: is the staff is  trained enough to carry off such a project
  5. Environment: Is the context is appropriate for project?                                                                                                                                           Resource materials : how_to_write_concept_note[1]

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    Nice article focusing on the facilitator as a center of attraction.

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