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Economics with Development Perspective : Need of Development Professionals

To understand the behavior of various stakeholders for the benefit of the poor people

“If restless is not there, God is there to take care. My role is to facilitate you; sometimes I can scold you, if you are with me. I cannot teach you everything in 28 session but I can sensitize you to explore more and more. If this restless will come to you, my role is over” These are the words which forward me to know why I should study macroeconomics. These are said by my economics faculty Dr. Damodar Jena. The question always arises in my mind what is the importance of economics?  When I was exposed to microeconomics in my first term one credit course, I was not sure that these difficult subjects are going to be helpful in my professional life. In second term and I studied macroeconomics but this is totally different from other management colleges. I exposed to macroeconomics with development perspective. This is a great achievement for me that I can relate my future work place to macroeconomics. When I will be a development professional, my confidence level would be high because I will be able to work for the benefit of our people (poor people). Being as a development professional it is necessary to know macroeconomics to understand the economic behavior of various stakeholders for the benefit of the poor people.

In fifth term I studies development economics where I exposed to Migration, Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization in India, Environment Accounting, Knowledge Economy and Paradigm shift. Apart from course material I could read ‘The Face You were Afraid to See’ so these are some of my achievement of particular course economics.

Now all exams are over of PDM course but still I want to read more and more. Earlier in every course after exams I never tried to get depth understanding on any subjects but TDA has changed my attitude. Now I am interested to enriched my knowledge on various subject with economics. I feel this is the greatest contribution of TDA in my life.


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