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First Step Towards Enhancing Skill: CSPro, Data Entry Application

It has been three months in Charutar Arogya mandal, Anand (Gujarat). Before entreating to my work life from student life I had many plans but Once I joined the organization I forgot all my plans as I engaged in day to day activities. Research is one of my interest area even though I do not have competency in research. I learn basics of social science research in Tata -Dhan Adcademy an this was the time where I was searching similar type of work which matches to my interest area.

I joined Extension Programmes Department in Charutar Arogya Mandal, Anand (Gujarat). Extension Programmes Department is working with 27 villages of Anand and Kheda districts. I got responsibility for demographic and non-communicable disease survey in 27 villages. Total estimated population of 27 villages is 2 lakh and estimated households are 40 thousands. This is one of important and big project for me. With the help of my team I have developed interview schedule and translate it in Gujarati language.

This was not a simple and easy project so I was thinking about data entry. In general people used to enter data either in MS Excel or Openoffice.orgCalc. Once I had a discussion with my faculty Mr. Ananda Mahto about how census and the WHO survey are managed as there are many variables.

Shanti: “Ananda, what about the census, the WHO and the United Nation’s Survey. I mean interview schedules are very long; 5, 10 and sometimes 15 page long so how the data entry is done without error.”

Ananda: “With smiling face, There are many data entry softwares and CSPro is one of the good software which is used by census surveys. CSPro has many advantage like bla bla bla.”

This time I decided to use CSPro as I had intention to learn this software and I felt it will be user friendly. I took Ananda’s help and read manuals for learning this software. I took 15 days to learn basics of CSPro but I am happy that I now I have crated application for data entry. When I first entered the data of first interview schedule my happiness increased twice as I have never thought of that I will create application for data entry.

This is first step towards enhancing my skill, hope it will go on. At last I am thankful for my Tata-Dhan Academy faculties for giving perspective to learn things.


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  2. Great Going…Keep Going!!

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