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India at a Glance : My First Infographics

Since last one year I was struggling to make infographics but finally I learn some of the tools to create infographics. I got the census 2011 of India which have some interesting data. I enjoy after seeing my first infographics. I hope you are interested to know which software do I use to make infographics. I have used open office which is a open source software. Really It is a excellent software for writing and designing too.

India at a Glance in 2011


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Preparation as Facilitator…

In  Programme in Development Management  (PDM ) , Tata-Dhan Academy offers a one credit course MODE half in term 3 and half in term 4. In Tata-Dhan Academy  this is one of the challenging course because of  two reasons, (1) Vasi sir is faculty,(2) student facilitates the class in term 4. This facilitation is not for name sake, really students need to gone through the preparation before coming to class. I also though that it is going to be hard time for me also but I really enjoy the preparation part and after preparation the facilitation process in class. I really got skill to facilitate the class.

I have chosen topic ‘ How to write concept note’ and really I worked hard to find out the best materials for students and other materials (small cases)  to enhance the learning process in class. Here I am sharing the process which I have gone through for effective facilitation in class.  I prepared all documents under the  guidance of my course faculty Vasi sir. Before going to the class a facilitator should prepare, (1) lesson plan for class, (2) teaching note for students and (3) resource materials.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Visit to Bay of Bengal

Yesterday I have visited Bay of Bengal, it was great experience for me. Seeing seashore, mangroves, sand dunes  was full of curiosity. I have never seen these ecosystem in real indeed. I was having my own imagination of these ecosystem but when I saw these eco-system in reality, I feel a type of achievement as I was on seventh heaven. I got valuable information which I never got in books or any other type of source of information. We ( PDM 11) students got opportunity to talk with fisher man community and we also interected with the people whose village was safe even in Sunami. Now community have realized the importance of eco-system in their life.  It was a good experience for me and movements in this visit are like memories for rest of my life.

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