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Kerala: An Effective Model of Local Self Governance

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I have exposure of ten states of India including kerala. Kerala has some historical importance in Indian politics. After independence Communist party of India has its strong feet in this state. I got opportunity to see the effectiveness of local governance in Kerala. In Tata-Dhan Academy I have a course Legal Environment for Development which is facilitated by Mr. Jankiraman. He facilitated us to go Wyanad district of Kerala where I saw Panchayat office which was like a corporate office. The next interesting thing was enterprises of self-help groups which has been facilitated by local governance. A next interesting thing was process of social audit. I have come across this term many times but I have not seen the live process of social audit. Here is detail information of  Kerela visit. Read the rest of this entry »


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Exposure to Development Organisations: A Opportunity to see Different Leaders in India

In Tata-Dhan Academy students are given opportunity to meet with various development leaders before the placements. One visit is arranged for students to visit success development models and to meet with development leaders before placement. Here I am sharing some memories of Banglore, Mumbai and Pune.

Here are some glimpse of various organizations. You would like this 

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Visit to Bay of Bengal

Yesterday I have visited Bay of Bengal, it was great experience for me. Seeing seashore, mangroves, sand dunes  was full of curiosity. I have never seen these ecosystem in real indeed. I was having my own imagination of these ecosystem but when I saw these eco-system in reality, I feel a type of achievement as I was on seventh heaven. I got valuable information which I never got in books or any other type of source of information. We ( PDM 11) students got opportunity to talk with fisher man community and we also interected with the people whose village was safe even in Sunami. Now community have realized the importance of eco-system in their life.  It was a good experience for me and movements in this visit are like memories for rest of my life.

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