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Experiences of TDA life

Hello friends, I am Shanti Gupta and I resides in Madurai Tamil Nadu.

This is my first blog, I do not how to write blog but my faculty says that make attempt, do not think about the best performance. You can learn things in time being.

At evening time we (PDM 11) are playing games.

This is the first time I am in residential college for studies, oh! not studies it is a development studies. After two year people will call me development professional. Degree is one thing but life in Campus is very interesting. I never experienced this type of life as I was always with my parents. In initial days I was missing my parents and family member. Even though I would call my mother twice a day. Now I feel my colleagues and faculty as my family. Now I like to explore my knowledge and I have appetite to learn but even I feel it is not systematic appetite to learn. I do not know how much time I will take to make my studies systematic to enhance my knowledge and skill.


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