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This is the message after the last exam in Tata-Dhan Academy.

Art of Writing and Sharing

Reading is one of the good habit for a person because it gives opportunity to know the knowledge of others. You know many times I do not know many things but after reading I came to know. Let me give you a simple example earlier I was not aware of writing blog but one day while searching on google about ‘Special Vehicle’, I came to know that people used to write on these type of issues also. I have not told you about myself indeed. My name is Shanti Gupta and I am student of development management and in couple of week I will get employment in one of the development organisation. I started to read my interest area but I feel that only reading is not going to help me so I decided to reflect on articles but after creating my blog I thought sharing is also an important thing. Hey, You are invited…

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India at a Glance : My First Infographics

Since last one year I was struggling to make infographics but finally I learn some of the tools to create infographics. I got the census 2011 of India which have some interesting data. I enjoy after seeing my first infographics. I hope you are interested to know which software do I use to make infographics. I have used open office which is a open source software. Really It is a excellent software for writing and designing too.

India at a Glance in 2011

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Life Planning through News Paper Exercise

I collected some of the photographs from newspapers which fits into my life planning. Here I am sharing few of them.

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Exposure to Development Organisations: A Opportunity to see Different Leaders in India

In Tata-Dhan Academy students are given opportunity to meet with various development leaders before the placements. One visit is arranged for students to visit success development models and to meet with development leaders before placement. Here I am sharing some memories of Banglore, Mumbai and Pune.

Here are some glimpse of various organizations. You would like this 

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Different Ideologies of Development in World

Many times I have heard about the ideologies of development but I do not have clarity. Since ten days I was thinking to read something to get the meaning of different ideologies. Yesterday was my last formal class in Tata-Dhan Academy so no more course reading. The dictionary meaning of ideology is the ‘systematic set of ideas which guides individual, group and organisation to act’.  When I woke up I read about the different ideologies particular Communist Party of India (Marxist). I found one very basic simple example of ideologies with respect to cow. Here I am sharing ,  you would like to read as I have taken as it is from the source. You can also reflect and give your opinion on various ideologies. Read the rest of this entry »

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P Vivekanandan: A Development Missionary

I got opportunity to interact with Mr. P Vivekanandan as a part of my MOVE course. I have documented his development journey in a brief. You can read this article and get the understanding what is the meaning of development missionary and what motivates a person to work for social cause.

“Believe on yourself and do your duty with honesty, sincerity and with all devotion, God will take care all your difficulties as an invisible hand.”

-P Vivekanandan, Executive Director, SEVA

“Believe in ‘Karma Theory, Material Simplicity and ‘Spiritual Richness’ which are available in classical literatures also, NGO work is good for the person who does not want material and luxurious life. Perform your duty and derive satisfaction.”

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Climate Change & Energy Sector and Adaptation Potential in Energy Sector

Climate change is one of the global issue where many debates are going on. The objective of this paper is to present a global perspective and find out some solutions to address the issue of climate change. In India like country generally agriculture has been affected from  climate change particular rainfall time. Suggestions and comments are most welcomed for constructive thinking. Recently economic survey,2012 has include a new chapter of climate change.  

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Union Budget Watch and Dialogue with Development Perspective: An event which build a new perspective in my life

Last year I participated in same event but last year I felt like exposure to an event. Before coming to TDA, I never listen Union Budget speech with development perspective. TDA has given perspective to think for the people who get affected from policies on macro level. India is one of the fast growing economy but still India is ranked 134 in present statistics of Human Development Ranking. This time Research Coordinator Dr. Damodar Jena gave opportunity to students to be part of preparation of ‘Budget Watch and Dialouge’ event. It was a privilege for me for being part of presentation as well as facilitator in event. Experts, Media person , development practitioners and students were part of this event.

This event is organised by Tata-Dhan Academy. It started with interection with other college students about their knowledge about financial terms followed by their expectation from Budget 2012-13

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Here are glimpse of Holi celebration in TDA. I experienced the extent of involvement. Read the rest of the story to see some interesting pictures.

Tata-Dhan Academy: PDM

By Shanti Gupta

Tata-Dhan Academy is an institute which provides opportunities for students to visualize their professional life as development managers. But the lessons we learn don’t all come from the classroom or the field–sometimes, even a traditional celebration helps bring new perspectives for the development professional.

India culture and heritage is incredibly rich. At the Academy, the students in PDM 11 and 12 represent both northern and southern states, providing an opportunity to experience and learn more about this rich culture. For example, in the northern states, Holi, a festival of colours, is widely celebrated. Last year, with PDM 10, we had a good celebration, and building on this, we decided to celebrate with some value addition. This year, for example, we did Holika Dahan and an ethnic lunch.

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Preparation as Facilitator…

In  Programme in Development Management  (PDM ) , Tata-Dhan Academy offers a one credit course MODE half in term 3 and half in term 4. In Tata-Dhan Academy  this is one of the challenging course because of  two reasons, (1) Vasi sir is faculty,(2) student facilitates the class in term 4. This facilitation is not for name sake, really students need to gone through the preparation before coming to class. I also though that it is going to be hard time for me also but I really enjoy the preparation part and after preparation the facilitation process in class. I really got skill to facilitate the class.

I have chosen topic ‘ How to write concept note’ and really I worked hard to find out the best materials for students and other materials (small cases)  to enhance the learning process in class. Here I am sharing the process which I have gone through for effective facilitation in class.  I prepared all documents under the  guidance of my course faculty Vasi sir. Before going to the class a facilitator should prepare, (1) lesson plan for class, (2) teaching note for students and (3) resource materials.  Read the rest of this entry »

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